Hello. I'm Scott.

AKA Scottus Robus

I design and build web applications mostly with Javascript. My path to web development has been the usual...

Grew up in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Briefly attended the Rhode Island School of Design. Apprenticed as a carpenter. Spent some time organic farming in Ireland. Worked as a nanny for 6 months. Moved to and hitch-hiked around Hawaii for a bit. Moved back to Pennsylvania. Studied effortlessness and forest gardening at Goddard College in Vermont. Held up the fort as a weekend farmer at a living historical farm. Built a shed. Moved to NYC. Studied hand-drawn animation at the School of Visual Arts. Survived off eating only bread balls (flour and water) for a month. Met a girl. Got married in Japan. Became a Web Developer.

I currently work at Vimeo/VHX and have a side endeavor — Arishill — that keeps the wheels in my head turning. I’ve also worked at Huge and was part of the original team that launched Baron Fig.

I also recommend Tara’s Lavender ice cream. It is delicious.