Skills & Experience

My sweet spot is at the intersection of design and engineering. I care deeply about finely tuned experiences from both standpoints.

Javascript Engineer

Frontend with Huge and Vimeo/VHX. Full Stack with Arishill and Freelance Projects.

Core Skills: NodeJS, VanillaJS, MithrilJS, jQuery, VelocityJS, Jasmine, HTML5, CSS/Sass/Less, and SVG. Dev Tools: Git/Github, JSHint, Atom, Chrome Inspector, Grunt, Gulp, Code Climate, and Bug Snag. Familiar With: React, Bower, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, NGINX, Continuous Deployment, MySQL, RethinkDB, MongoDB, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and WordPress.

Product Designer

Design work with VHX, Arishill, and Freelance Projects.

Core Skills: UI Design, Responsive Design, Sketch, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Familiar With: inDesign, Photography, Video Production, and Final Cut.