How to be a Product Designer and Javascript Engineer

Design and Build an API Driven Commerce Web Application from End-to-End

This series of courses is for anyone out there who wants to learn the ins and outs of designing, building, and deploying a web application. The intent is to provide a complete and holistic look at creating and shipping a web product. I’ve recently launched the first course, Web Design Starter which you can check out below.

Who are the courses for?

This series starts from the beginning, with early courses intended for those just getting started with web design and development. Course difficulty will gradually advance in the series, but the intent is to take you step-by-step from beginner to professional. By the end you'll see what it takes to to build a live and more complex web application. Naturally, there may be unintentional gaps of knowledge, and as such, I always recommended soaking up as much learning as you can from anywhere you can get it.

A few more details about the series

Full transparency — the use of the absolute latest trends and technologies is not guaranteed. This is an important lesson. Being able to build and ship a real web app does not require one to always be at the forefront of every technology. This is not to say we shouldn't strive to improve and make our lives easier with better tools. We should be sharpening our skills every chance we get. However, we also — and perhaps more importantly — should "always be shipping". You'll start a project and the trends and technologies will change by the time you are halfway through. Best not to restart!

That should be it. I appreciate you taking a look. If you have any further questions about the available course or upcoming courses, let me know at

  1. Free Course


    20 Videos

    Web Design Starter — Track I

    This is a course about design thinking, starting with how to balance your own inner dialog. In a nutshell, I’ve packaged up my own approach to design in a little box that is this course.

    I walk you through design processes coupled with design fundamentals as they apply to interface design through the lens of how I designed this very site,

  2. Free Course


    In development

    Web Development Starter — Track 2

    This course is about the nuts and builds of building for the web. You will learn how to get started with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

    With these tools, you will learn how to build a simple website, as well as dive into how these basic technologies will apply to the beginnings of building out a more complex web application.

Courses below are in development and will be released for purchase incrementally throughout 2019.

  1. Intermediate

    In development

    Build an Atomic Style Guide — Track 3

  2. Intermediate

    In development

    React.js & Redux Starter — Track 4

  3. Intermediate

    In development

    Node.js & Postgres Starter — Track 5

  4. Advanced

    In development

    Build a Web App Frontend — Track 6

  5. Advanced

    In development

    Build a Web App Backend & API — Track 7

  6. Advanced

    In development

    Automate a Deployment Pipeline — Track 8

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